Euphones' range  includes learning and concert musical instruments. They differ from the range (7 octavias max.), materials eployed (aluminium, bronze stainless steels, titaniums), shapes,  as many parameters having an huge bearing on the sound result. The instrument builder guide musicians, composers and sound designers, during all these steps, regarding the project and the budget.

These instruments surprise by the quality of the sounds they produce, under the impulsion of a simple musical gesture, but that may be the subject of a real instrumental technique. Indeed, under an apparent acoustic simplicity, the originality of the Euphon lies in the use of bows of glass - rubbed with fingers moistened – to enable a vibration of the metal axes, usual excited by percussion or pinching. The sensitivity of Touch induces the quality of the sounds. While the pressure on the bows of glass allows to control the grain, the speed of the sound gesture determines the intensity.

Ces instruments étonnent par la qualité des sons qu’ils produisent, sous l’impulsion d’un geste musical simple, mais pouvant faire l’objet d’une réelle technique instrumentale. En effet, sous une apparente simplicité acoustique, l’originalité de l’Euphone réside dans l’usage d’archets de verre - frottés avec des doigts humidifiés - pour mettre en vibration des axes métalliques, habituelles excités par percussion ou pincement. La sensibilité du Toucher induit la qualité des sons. Alors que la pression sur les archets de verre permet de contrôler le grain, la vitesse du geste sonore détermine l’intensité.


Ex.  SpitfireAudios' Titanium Euphone

Tessitura : 3 octave ½

Bow : glass

Resonnators :  medical titanium

Harmonic table : aluminium

Diffusors : asymetric epoxy fiber glass

Effects : stainless stell and modular reverberating plate 




Euphon is invented in 1791 by Ernst Florenz Friedrich Chladni (1756-1827). It is perfected from 1955 by Bernard (1917) and François Baschet (1920-2014), under the shape of a sound sculpture called Lasry-Baschet glass organ, and later cristal Baschet. Within TitaniumSound™, Frédéric Bousquet, trained to the instrumental manufacture by the latter, in association with artists musicians and composers, researchers, develops a new generation of Euphons.




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