We design with you the EUPHONE of your dreams and manufacture it for you !

TITANIUM EUPHONE astonish by the QUALITY OF THE SOUNDS they produce, under the impulse of a simple musical gesture, but which can be the object of a real INSTRUMENTAL TECHNIQUE.


Indeed, under an apparent acoustic simplicity, the originality of the EUPHONE lies in the use of glass bows, rubbed with moistened fingers, to set in vibration metal axes, usually excited by percussion or pinching. The sensitivity of the TOUCHER induces the quality of the sounds. While pressure on the glass bows controls the grain, the speed of the sound gesture determines the intensity.


Your EUPHONE must be regularly maintained, we advise you:

  • To wash the keyboard every 4 to 6 months : regarding the glass rods cleaning, you need to put a drop of washing-up liquid in the contents of your water tank, gently run the sponge over and under, in the direction of the sticks, and rinse with demineralised water. In one hour, your touch will be back to the way it was before. It is true that the hydroalcoholic gel degreases a lot, it is quite practical like lemon, in summer when the sweating of the hands increases, but very agressive. Your skin is your collophane! In short, a healthy lifestyle ! And Before cleaning it, it's a great opportunity for children or musicians to try it! Have fun with it!
  • To have it tuned, before being autonomous and harmonize the ephemeral case.


Although it is played before being entrusted to you, your new instrument needs to be tuned to preserve its sound quality:

  • One tuning per year, for three, is necessary during the stabilization of the soundboard, this will allow you to receive TRAINING and to become AUTONOMOUS,
  • Before a recording or a concert and after a tour,
  • At the change of season,
  • At Euphone Summer Camp,
  • Or for the pleasure of receiving Dr. Frédéric Bousquet, a specialist in the field!

Very quickly the keyboard is stable and the differences between the final notes, only the pitch can fluctuate very slightly after a thermal shock.


Many videos show multi-instrumentalist performers doing on the EUPHONE what you manage to induce in the first ten minutes of play!


A fully-fledged instrument with a genuine and constantly evolving REPERTOIRE, its expressive and complete playing requires real learning, while allowing sound designers to create incredible sound material with little technique. Composers will find in the harmonics many subjects to dream about.


Learn the EUPHONE's musical technique, exploit it to the full and become a force for INNOVATION. The dialogue between us instrument makers, educators, musicians, composers, sound designers and scientists is essential to build tomorrow's world of sound and to make the arts and sciences evolve !


TitaniumSound creates sound identities from EUPHONES, rare pieces or prototypes deconstructed after sound capture, for image-related sound projects. Contact us for this very specific part which associates in real time the workshop and the making of your sounds with the recording studio next to it!




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